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Trademarks and Logos

DALI Trademarks

Effective May 30, 2017, DiiA acquired (via IEEE-ISTO) the Trademarks relating to DALI lighting products and systems.

These trademarks include the original DALI logo, the new DALI-2 logo, and the DALI wordmark for use in lighting applications >> View press release

DiiA membership allows use of these trademarks in accordance with the DiiA Trademark Guidelines (members only).

The DALI and DiiA Trademarks are for use by DiiA members only.

Word Trademarks

The following Word Trademarks are reserved for use by DiiA members only.

The Trademark applies regardless of font, style or other properties.

DALI Word Trademark DALI
DALI-2 Word Trademark DALI-2
DiiA Word Trademark DiiA


DALI Logos

DALI-2 logo trademark

The DALI-2 logo is used by DiiA members (Regular or Associate) on their certified products.

  • Products must be listed in the online DALI-2 Product Database
  • Only DiiA members can certify DALI-2 products and use the DALI-2 logo
  • DALI-2 certification uses DiiA test sequences based on version 2 of the DALI standard
  • DALI-2 certification includes independent verification of test results

DALI version-1 logo trademark

The DALI version-1 logo can be used by DiiA members (Regular or Associate) to indicate control gear that are tested for compliance with version 1 of the DALI standard.

  • DiiA members are supplied with the latest test sequences for DALI version-1 testing
  • DALI version-1 compliance is based on self-declaration of results, WITHOUT verification
  • DALI version-1 testing only applies to control gear. Other product types cannot carry the DALI  version-1 logo.

Logo usage on luminaires

Luminaire makers who are listed as Community members of DiiA, or who are Regular or Associate members, can use the DALI logos on their luminaires. The DALI-2 logo can be used on luminaires containing at least one DALI-2 certified device.