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DALI-2 certification has started!

The DALI-2 certification program is now fully underway with the certification of the first DALI-2 devices.

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DiiA is an open, global consortium of lighting companies, and new members are welcome to join us. To find out why your company should become a DiiA member, click here


DALI-2 certification builds further confidence in the interoperability of products using the DALI digital lighting-control protocol.
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Promoting the global adoption of DALI lighting control

The Digital Illumination Interface Alliance (DiiA) is an open, global consortium of lighting companies that aims to grow the market for lighting-control solutions based on Digital Addressable Lighting Interface (DALI) technology.

DALI-2 certification brings the promise of significantly improved interoperability and additional functionality compared with current DALI systems in the market.

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