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DiiA: The global industry alliance for DALI® lighting control

The Digital Illumination Interface Alliance (DiiA®) is an open, global consortium of lighting companies that aims to grow the market for lighting-control solutions based on Digital Addressable Lighting Interface (DALI®) technology.

Building on the long-established benefits of DALI, the DALI-2 certification program brings the promise of significantly improved interoperability and additional functionality compared with current DALI systems in the market. And the new D4i™ certification program brings standardization to intra-luminaire DALI. 

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Latest news

► DiiA debuts DALI-2 certification of tunable white LED drivers
► DiiA starts D4i driver certification
► DALI and wireless in focus for DiiA standardization experts
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DiiA is an open, global consortium, and new members are welcome to join us. We now have over 200 members! To find out why your company should become a DiiA member, click here


DALI-2 certification builds further confidence in the interoperability of DALI products. DALI-2 sensors and other input devices have now been added to the Product Database. >> More details

DALI events by DiiA in 2019

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DALI-2 Certified Products

All DALI-2 Certified Products are listed in our online Product Database. The images below show a selection of DALI-2 products. Find the products in the database by searching using the Product ID.


Tridonic sensor MSensor G3 SFI 30 PIR 10DPI WH. Product ID = 2473
MOONS' D4i LED driver. Product ID = 2238
Delmatic DALI-2 Buswire 1 DIN Rail. Product ID = 1891
eldoLED Tunable White LED driver DUALdrive562_S. Product ID = 2953
Zencontrol zc-switch (Part 301 input device). First DALI-2 input device. Product ID = 2147
First DALI-2 certified products (October 2017)
First certified Zhaga-D4i luminaires
Philips D4i LED driver Xitanium 60W 0.08-0.35A 220V SR 230V. Product ID = 3032
ABB KNX-to-DALI Gateway. Product ID = 3014
LOYTEC electronics L-DALI-PWR4-U bus power supply. Product ID = 129
Lunatone DALI ROT multi-master application controller. Product ID = 1820
Helvar LL1x80-CR-DA LED driver. Product ID = 58
Loytec LDALI-BM2 input device (Parts 301+302). Product ID = 2150
MOONS' DALI-2 driver. Product ID = 1876
Philips D4i LED driver XiSR 165W 0.3-1.0A SNEMP 230V C170 sXt. Product ID = 2851
Eaton SCMD4 application controller with bus power supply. Product ID = 393
zencontrol zc-pir. First DALI-2 sensor. Product ID = 2155
STEINEL Solutions AG - SENSOTEC Steuereinheit DALI Broadcast. Product ID = 1653
Typical DALI-2 test set-up. Photo: LOYTEC GmbH
Thorn DALI-2 luminaire_Areaflood Pro
Delta Indirect Lighting NM215-R3003-2 DALI-2 luminaire
Osram D4i LED driver. Product ID = 2809


Find products in the Database by searching using the Product ID (see image caption).