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Test page

LOYTEC electronics L-DALI-PWR4-U bus power supply. Product ID = 129
Typical DALI-2 test set-up. Photo: LOYTEC GmbH
zencontrol zc-pir. First DALI-2 sensor. Product ID = 2155
First DALI-2 certified products (October 2017)
STEINEL Solutions AG - SENSOTEC Steuereinheit DALI Broadcast. Product ID = 1653
Osram OTi DALI 25/220-240/700 LT2 LED driver. Product ID = 60
Lunatone DALI ROT multi-master application controller. Product ID = 1820
MOONS' DALI-2 driver. Product ID = 1876
Helvar LL1x80-CR-DA LED driver. Product ID = 58
Delmatic DALI-2 Buswire 1 DIN Rail. Product ID = 1891
Zencontrol zc-switch (Part 301 input device). First DALI-2 input device. Product ID = 2147
Loytec LDALI-BM2 input device (Parts 301+302). Product ID = 2150
eldoLED EcoDrive 260B LED driver. Product ID = 116
Eaton SCMD4 application controller with bus power supply. Product ID = 393
Delta Indirect Lighting NM215-R3003-2 DALI-2 luminaire