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Certified and Registered Products

Certified products have successfully completed the DALI-2 certification process, including verification by DiiA. 

Registered products are DALI version-1 products that have been successfully tested by the member or a test-house. There is no verification step for DALI version-1.

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DALI-2 luminaires (which contain DALI-2 certified components) are listed separately >> DALI-2 luminaires

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Brand Name Product Name DALI Parts Initial registration DALI 2 Certified
HelvarLL1x80-CR-DA101, 102, 207Sep 5, 2017Yes
OSRAM GmbHOTi DALI 50/220-240/1A4 LT2 FAN101, 102, 207Sep 6, 2017Yes
OSRAM GmbHOTi DALI 25/220-240/700 LT2101, 102, 207Sep 6, 2017Yes
PhilipsXitanium 100W 0.25-0.7A 220V TD16 230V101, 102, 207Sep 15, 2017Yes
PhilipsXitanium 36W WH 0.3-1A 54V TD/Is 230V101, 102, 207Sep 20, 2017Yes
PhilipsXitanium 36W 0.3-1A 54V TD 230V101, 102, 207Sep 28, 2017Yes
PhilipsXi FP 22W 0.3-1.0A SNLDAE S175 230V sXt101, 102, 207Sep 28, 2017Yes
HelvarLL1x150-CR-DA101, 102, 207Sep 28, 2017Yes
OSRAM GmbHOTi DALI 35/220-240/1A0 LT2101, 102, 207Oct 5, 2017Yes
TridonicLCA 50W 100-400 mA one4all lp PRE101, 102, 207Oct 6, 2017Yes
HYTRONIKDALI 2 Constant current LED driver,Max 12W101, 102, 207Oct 16, 2017Yes
PhilipsXitanium 20W WH 0.15-0.5A 54V TD/Is 230V101, 102, 207Oct 17, 2017Yes
PhilipsXitanium 75W 0.7-2A 54V TD 230V101, 102, 207Oct 17, 2017Yes
OSRAM GmbHOTi_DALI_60_220-240_550_D_LT2_L101, 102, 207Oct 24, 2017Yes
OSRAM GmbHOTi_DALI_35_220-240_400_D_LT2_L101, 102, 207Oct 24, 2017Yes
OSRAM GmbHOTi_DALI_90_220-240_700_D_LT2_L101, 102, 207Oct 24, 2017Yes
OSRAM GmbHOTi_DALI_90_220-240_1A0_LT2_L101, 102, 207Oct 24, 2017Yes
LutronLutron Energi Savr Node for DALI-2101, 103Oct 27, 2017Yes
eldoLEDECOdrive 260/S101, 102, 207Nov 3, 2017Yes
eldoLEDECOdrive 560/A101, 102, 207Nov 3, 2017Yes
eldoLEDECOdrive 560/S101, 102, 207Nov 3, 2017Yes
eldoLEDECOdrive 260/B101, 102, 207Nov 3, 2017Yes
PhilipsXI 60W 0.08-0.35A 300V TD16CL 230V101, 102, 207Nov 10, 2017Yes
LOYTEC electronics GmbHLDALI-PWR4-U101Nov 23, 2017Yes
PhilipsXi FP 75W 0.3-1.0A SNLDAE 230V C133 sXt101, 102, 207Nov 28, 2017Yes

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