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Certified and Registered Products

Certified products have successfully completed the DALI-2 certification process, including verification by DiiA. 

Registered products are DALI version-1 products that have been successfully tested by the member or a test-house. There is no verification step for DALI version-1.

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DALI-2 luminaires (which contain DALI-2 certified components) are listed separately >> DALI-2 luminaires

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Brand Name Product Name DALI Parts Registration Date DALI 2 Certified Show all family products
AcTECLC-45D101, 102, 207Oct 12, 2018Yes
AcTECIE-25D101, 102, 207Nov 16, 2018Yes
AcTECIE-45D101, 102, 207Nov 7, 2018Yes
AcTECLI-45D101, 102, 207Nov 16, 2018Yes
AcTECLC-75D101, 102, 207Nov 7, 2018Yes
AcTECIE-12D101, 102, 207Dec 19, 2018Yes
AcTECIE-45HD101, 102, 207Jan 16, 2019Yes
AcTECIE-75D101, 102, 207Feb 25, 2019Yes
3AAAHYL-025D0500G097101, 102, 207Sep 17, 2019Yes
3AAAHYL-042D1050G097101, 102, 207Sep 23, 2019Yes
3AAAHYL-100D24G425101, 102, 207Oct 14, 2019Yes
3AAAHYL-037D0700G097101, 102, 207Oct 16, 2019Yes
3AAAHYL-050D1050G103101, 102, 207Nov 6, 2019Yes
3AAAHYL-060D24G358101, 102, 207Jan 6, 2020Yes
ABBDG/S, 103Sep 4, 2019Yes+
Busch Jaeger6197/45101, 103Oct 10, 2019Yes
ABBDG/S, 103Sep 4, 2019Yes+
Busch Jaeger6197/46101, 103Oct 10, 2019Yes
ABBDG/S, 103Feb 20, 2020Yes+
Busch JaegerDG/S, 103Feb 24, 2020Yes
ABBDG/S, 103Feb 20, 2020Yes+
Busch JaegerDG/S, 103Feb 24, 2020Yes
ABBDG-M-1.16.1101, 103Feb 24, 2020Yes+
Busch JaegerDG-M-1.16.11101, 103Feb 24, 2020Yes
Artilect Smart LinkDALI Analog Converter (Bus Powered)101, 102Feb 1, 2019Yes
Artilect Smart LinkDALI Hybrid Relay And Analog Converter101, 102Feb 15, 2019Yes
Artilect Smart LinkDALI AC LED Driver 30W101, 102, 207, 251, 252, 253Jun 25, 2019Yes
Artilect Smart LinkDALI Capacitive Touch Wall-switch - 3 Keys101, 103, 301Aug 21, 2019Yes
Artilect Smart LinkDALI Sensor Converter (with MRB-510S)101, 103, 303Sep 24, 2019Yes
AurexOS-564-DALI-MBT101, 103Feb 18, 2020Yes

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