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Product database search tips

Tips for searching the Product Database

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Product ID

This is a unique number for each product, assigned by DiiA. 

Part Number and Product Name

This information is supplied by the company

DALI-2 and DALI version-1

By default, only DALI-2 certified products are displayed.

To also include DALI version-1 products, check the "Include registered DALI version-1 products" box.

Product Types

To search for specific product types in the Product Database, you can select one or more part numbers.

Examples of search behaviour are shown in the table below:

Select part number Search results
102 only All control gear (but no control devices)
103 only All control devices (but no control gear)
207 only LED drivers
207 and 209 Colour-controllable LED drivers

IEC Parts and Status

The table below shows the IEC Parts that are currently in use for DALI-2 certification or DALI version-1 registration (or both).

>> Full list of all IEC Parts

Part number Status for testing / certification
General requirements
101 – System DALI-2 and DALI version 1
102 – Control gear DALI-2 and DALI version 1
103 – Control devices DALI-2 for single-master application controllers
Parts 2xx - Specific requirements for control gear
201 – Fluorescent lamps DALI version 1
202 – Self-contained emergency DALI version 1 (DALI-2 coming soon)
203 – HID lamps DALI version 1
204 – Low voltage halogen lamps DALI version 1
205 – Incandescent lamp dimmer DALI version 1
206 – Conversion to DC (0/1-10 V) DALI version 1
207 – LED modules DALI-2 and DALI version 1
208 – Switching DALI version 1
209 – Colour control Not available