First DALI-2 control device is certified by DiiA

October 30, 2017

The first DALI-2 control device has been certified by DiiA, as part of the newly-introduced DALI-2 certification program.

The product is the Energi Savr Node from DiiA member Lutron Electronics. In DALI terminology, the product is classified as a single-master application controller.

Lutron says that the Energi Savr Node unit is a DIN-rail mounted controller for DALI-compliant digital addressable loads. It provides DALI bus power and control for two independent DALI buses with up to 64 DALI-compliant digital addressable loads each. >> View the Lutron press release.

One of the major changes in DALI-2, compared with first-generation DALI, is the addition of control devices. This includes both application controllers, which are the “brains” of a DALI systems, and input devices, which provide information to the system (>> Control devices).

DALI-2 certification currently includes single-master application controllers. Only one such device is allowed on the DALI bus, and an optional receiver can be included to allow polling of input devices.

Certification for multi-master application controllers, and for different types of input devices, will be added soon (>> Timeline).

Only certified DALI-2 products can carry the DALI-2 logo, and all DALI-2-certified products are listed on the DiiA website (>> Product Database).

Control devices were not included in version 1 of the DALI standard, meaning it is not possible for control devices to carry the DALI version-1 logo.

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