Registration for DALI version-1 products is now open

July 6, 2017

DiiA members are now able to register their DALI version-1 products, using the online submission form in the Member Area of the DiiA website.

This registration is optional, but later this year will become mandatory for new DALI version 1 products.

All registered DALI version-1 products and all certified DALI-2 products will be listed in the public Products Database.

DALI version-1 product testing is based on self-declaration, and does not involve verification of the test results. In contrast, the DALI-2 certification process includes a verification step to check that all required tests have been carried out and that the product has passed successfully.

DALI 2 product certification will start as soon as the Part 207 (Control gear for LED modules) test sequences are ready for release. This is expected to be in 1-2 weeks.

DiiA members should visit the Certification Home page for full details of how to submit products. It is recommended to download and read the Product Submission Guide before submitting a product for registration.