Overview of DALI-2 certification

DALI-2 Certification

DiiA operates an independently-verified DALI-2 certification program, allowing member companies to show compliance of their lighting devices and systems with the relevant Parts of version 2 of IEC 62386.

► Certified products are eligible to carry the DALI-2 logo as the Certification Mark. Only certified products can carry the DALI-2 logo, and only DiiA members can certify their DALI-2 products.

► DALI-2 certification brings the promise of significantly improved interoperability and additional functionality compared with current DALI (version 1) systems in the market.

► DALI-2 certification involves independent verification of test results. In contrast, DALI version-1 product compliance is based solely on self-declaration, which has led to interoperability issues in the market.

► The DALI-2 certification program is industry-developed and industry-led, and is monitored and maintained by DiiA.

DALI version 1 compliance

DiiA also provides a program for its members that supports self-declaration and registration of products that have been tested for compliance with DALI version 1.

The DALI-2 logo is used as the Certification Mark for the DiiA Certification Program.

More Details

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