Testing for DiiA certification

Test equipment

Testing for DALI-2 certification is carried out using ProbitLab test equipment from Lichtvision Engineering. The same hardware is currently used for DALI version-1 compliance testing.

The test system also uses ProbitBench software. Both ProbitLab and ProbitBench are developed, owned and distributed by Lichtvision Engineering.

DiiA members are supplied with test sequences that enable testing for compatibility with the different Parts of the IEC 62386 standard. These test sequences are plugins for ProbitBench.

The test sequences are fully compatible with the latest versions of ProbitLab hardware. The DALI-2 certification program supports the use of ProbitLab2, and also supports the use of ProbitLab1 for non-bus-powered devices only.

Test sequences

Test sequences are developed by DiiA’s Techncial & Certification Work Group (TCWG), and supplied to DiiA members.

Download DiiA test sequences (DiiA members only)

Test sequences are based on the most recent versions of the corresponding Parts of IEC 62386, whether these are published or still in development. The TCWG will develop and update the test sequences independently of the specifications.

The test sequences are not static; they will be updated on a timely basis, for example in response to testing issues encountered in the field.

► View the provisional timeline for the DiiA certification program

New test sequences for other Parts of IEC 62386 (including Part 103: General requirements for control devices) will be developed and released according to the priorities determined by DiiA members. The ability to contribute to DiiA’s technology roadmap is an important reason for companies to join DiiA (read more).