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DiiA specifications

DALI-Data and Power-Supply specifications

DiiA has created a series of five new specifications for additional features for DALI-2 control gear, describing:

  • How data is stored, accessed and reported
  • How power is supplied to other DALI devices inside a luminaire

Status: The five DiiA specifications listed below were finalized in August 2018, and are available to DiiA members only.

Currently, the specifications are NOT part of IEC 62386. 

DiiA will create test sequences for the new specifications, enabling their incorporation into the DALI-2 certification program.

DiiA specification name
DALI Part 250 – Integrated Bus Power Supply
AUX Power Supply (note 1)
DALI Part 251 – Memory Bank 1 Extension (note 2) 
DALI Part 252 – Energy Reporting
DALI Part 253 – Diagnostics & Maintenance

Note 1: This specification does not involve DALI memory banks.
Note 2: Covers luminaire-related data for asset management.

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