First DALI version-1 products listed on DiiA website

August 11, 2017

The first DALI version-1 products have been registered on the DiiA website, and are now visible in the public Product Database.

Hytronik, an Associate member of DiiA, has registered a series of DALI version-1 products, including a range of LED drivers that have been tested according to Parts 102 and 207 of IEC 62386 version 1.

Registration is optional, but later this year will become mandatory for new DALI version 1 products.

DALI-2 certification is expected to launch soon, based on version 2 of IEC 62386. All registered DALI version-1 products and all certified DALI-2 products will be listed in the Product Database.

DALI version-1 product testing is based on self-declaration, and does not involve verification of the test results. In contrast, the DALI-2 certification process includes a verification step to check that all required tests have been carried out and that the product has passed successfully.