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Why should my company join DiiA?

Reasons to join DiiA

DiiA is an open, global consortium of lighting companies, and new members are welcome to join us. There are many reasons why your company should become a DiiA member:

►  To participate in the industry-led DALI-2 certification program that supports functionality beyond current DALI.

  • Certification brings the promise of improved multi-vendor interoperability.

► To use the DALI-2 certification mark on certified products.

  • Membership also allows use of current DALI logo on DALI version-1 products.

► To receive the latest test sequences for product testing, covering both DALI-2 certification and DALI version-1 self-declaration.

► To secure improvements in multi-vendor interoperability of products and systems.

► To participate in interoperability test events.

► To benefit from joint marketing and promotion of DALI-2 certification.

► To have a role in influencing DiiA’s technology roadmap, including future standardization, and to ensure that the DALI-2 certification program meets the needs of the industry.

► To join forces with the leading companies in digital addressable lighting.


To see the specific benefits for the different membership levels, click here

Member quotes

“DALI has revolutionised lighting and lighting control,” says Stephen Woodnutt of Delmatic Ltd, a UK-based international supplier of lighting-management solutions. “We look forward to working with DiiA as DALI version 2 brings new levels of interoperability and features to the DALI platform.”

“Our company welcomes the upcoming launch of DALI version-2 certification, which gives the assurance of product interoperability,” says Klaus Breisch of Panasonic Lighting Europe GmbH. “For us, this is another important step towards smart lighting – the future of the lighting industry.”

Andreas Hadler of Hadler GmbH, a supplier of lighting controls based in Germany, says “We feel this will offer significant benefits – such as the possibility to choose suitable certified components to run a DALI system – to our customers.”

How to join

DiiA is an open, global consortium of lighting companies, and new members are welcome to join us. For information on joining DiiA, please click here