How to join DiiA


1. Please download and read the DiiA Charter and Membership Agreement

>> Charter and Membership Agreement

2.  To become a DiiA member (either Regular or Associate), your company has to complete Annex 2 of the Charter and Membership Agreement.

The following sections of Annex 2 must be completed:

► First page (pg 8):  Date of entering the Agreement and your company details as a New Member

► Second page (pg 9): Choose Regular or Associate Membership (view the Member Benefits)

► Third page (pg 10): The Agreement must be signed by an authorized person in your company.

3. The completed Annex 2 should be sent in pdf format to:

Ruud van Bokhorst
DiiA General Manager

4. When the application is received, the General Manager will:

  • Countersign the Membership Agreement on behalf of the current Members and return a copy to you
  • Inform IEEE-ISTO (the organization that provides member administration services).

5. ISTO will:

  • Send you your membership invoice (payment term is 30 days)
  • Request further information, such as your company logo
  • Create user accounts for access to the Member Area of the DiiA website. Each individual requires a separate user account. You will need to provide ISTO with a list of participants from your company in the different DiiA groups, such as the Technical & Certification Working Group and the Promotion Working Group.

More Information

Why join DiiA?

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what are the benefits of membership?

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Who are the current DiiA members?

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If you have any further questions on joining DiiA, please contact:

Ruud van Bokhorst
General Manager

Member Area access

Member companies can register their employees so that they are allowed to access the DiiA website Member Area.

Requests should be made by the member company's primary contact person.

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