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Timeline for DALI-2 certification

Certification program phases

All dates are provisional, and subject to change.


Phase 1: August 2017

According to version 2 of the DALI standard IEC 62386, using ProbitLab 2 test equipment:

Part 101: System components (ed 2)

  • Enables DALI-2 certification of standalone bus power supplies

Part 102: Control gear (ed 2)

► Part 207: Control gear for LED modules (ed 1 adapted for ed 2 of Parts 101 & 102)

  • Enables DALI-2 certification of LED drivers

Part 103: Control devices

  • Enables DALI-2 certification of single-master application controllers

Phase 1 supports use of ProbitLab (1) for non-bus-powered control gear.


Phase 2: August 2018

Major updates to the following test sequences:

► Part 101
► Part 102
► Part 103

The following product types added to DALI-2 certification program:

►Multi-master application controllers (previously, it was possible to certify single-masters only).

► Integrated bus power supplies, in control gear and control devices (previously it was possible to certify stand-alone bus power supplies).

ongoing developments (updated August 2018)

All dates are provisional, and subject to change.

Part(s) Status

► Part 303

Occupancy sensors (input devices)

Q2, 2018: Beta version now with T&C WG

Q3, 2018: Test-sequence software release

► Parts 304, 301, 302

Input devices

Q3, 2018: Beta version supplied to T&C WG and volunteers

Q4, 2018: Test-sequence software release

► Part 209

Colour control gear (xy, Tc)

Q3, 2018: Beta version and release


DiiA relies upon contributions from many of its members, especially the Technical & Certification Working Group, for document or software specification, authoring and review. For some of the planned work, additional volunteers are required. Please contact the Technical Manager for details.


Subject to change

Part(s) Status

► Part 202

Self-contained emergency control gear

To be adapted for DALI-2, based upon DALI version-1 tests

► Part 220

Central emergency control gear

The IEC 62386 part is not yet ready.

► Part 207

LED control gear Ed2

Awaiting IEC 62386 publication of the relevant 2xx functions,
to allow full replacement of Part 207 Ed1

► Parts 332, 333

Features (control devices)

Volunteers required



DALI-2 timeline


August 2018: Launch of DALI-2 certification Phase 2
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March 2018: DiiA certifies 100th DALI-2 product
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November 2017: First DALI-2 bus power supply is certified
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October 2017: First DALI-2 control device is certified
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September 2017: First DALI-2 products certified (LED drivers)
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August 2017: Launch of certification program Phase 1
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August 2017: Test sequences for Part 207 and Part 103 (single-masters only) supplied to members
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July 2017: Registration starts for DALI version-1 products
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June 2017: DiiA unveils details of certification process, starts sale of credits
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June 2017: Latest DALI-2 and DALI version-1 test sequences available to members
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February 2017: DiiA releases first DALI-2 test sequences to members