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Key steps in DALI-2 certification

Key steps

There are several key steps in the DALI-2 certification process. The Table below provides an overview, while the full procedure and terms & conditions are described in the "DiiA Certification Process" document available in the DiiA Member Area of our website.

Test reports / Certification documents: DiiA does not issue test reports or product certification documents. Instead, every DALI-2 certified product is listed in the searchable public Product Database. This page can be used to check the status of DALI-2 certification, or DALI verison-1 registration. Products not appearing in the list are not DALI-2 certified.

  Step Notes
1 DiiA creates and maintains DALI-2 Test Specifications DALI-2 Test Specifications are based either on IEC 62386 or on new DiiA specifications
2 DiiA develops software Test Sequences for use on approved test equipment  DiiA members can download the current Test Sequences from the member website >> Test sequences
3 Member companies execute the required tests for each product Members can also use the services of accredited DALI test houses >> Test houses
4 If all tests pass, the member company submits the results via the DiiA website Certification credits (one per product) must be pre-purchased before products are submitted
5 DiiA verifies the results. If all data is OK, then DALI-2 certification is granted The member company may use the DALI-2 logo on the certified product
6 Relevant data is displayed in the online DiiA Product Database Visibility of a product in the database confirms that the product is certified. If a product is not listed, it is not certified.


DALI-2 certification process

The process flow for DALI-2 certification is shown below: