Key steps in DALI-2 certification

Key steps

There are several key steps in the DALI-2 certification process:

► DiiA creates and maintains test specifications according to IEC 62386.

  • DiiA will initiate new specifications if and when required.

► DiiA develops test sequences on approved test equipment.

  • DiiA members can download the current test sequences from the DiiA Member Area of our website.

► Member company executes tests for each product according to specifications.

► If all tests pass, member company submits results using DiiA’s web tool.

► Web tool verifies the results. If all data is OK, the product is certified, and a license is issued by DiiA to use the Certification Mark (DALI-2 logo).

► Relevant data is stored in the online DiiA database. Visibility of a product in the database confirms that the product is certified.

High-level process flow chart

The process flow for DiiA certification is shown below: